UB Impulse-XVII “Citizen centered public service” with Prof. Dr. Wojciech Federczyk and Prof. Dr. Agata Kosieradzka-Federczyk

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For the seventeenth edition of “UB Impulse: Expert talks on Quality Growth” is held  on October 16 , 2019, the School of International Relations and Public Administarion (SIRPA), the National University of Mongolia (NUM) welcomed Prof. Dr. Wojciech Federczyk and Prof. Dr. Agata Kosieradzka-Federczyk in cooperation with the Towards a professional, citizen-centered civil service in Mongolia of UNDP.  Prof. Dr. Wojciech Federczyk is Director of Poland’s Lech Kaczyński National School of Public Administration and Prof. Dr. Agata Kosieradzka-Federczyk is assistant professor at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw, Poland.


The event started with inaugural remarks by Tsedendamba Samdan, member of the Mongolian Civil Service Council followed by Dr. Tumurbaatar Yadmaa, President of National University of Mongolia both highlighted the importance of public administration reform in Mongolia.

The subsequent talk given by Prof. Dr. Wojciech Federczyk and Prof. Dr. Agata Kosieradzka-Federczyk on the topic of “Citizen centered public service” further elaborated the citizen oriented public services are related to three issues: easier access to them, primarily e-administration; delivery open to everyone and inclusive services; cooperation with citizens in preparing and implementing services. Prof. Dr. Federczyk talked about the postulate of services tailored to the needs of the entire society is implemented through the SRD in Poland. Also, Prof. Dr. Wojciech Federczyk explained civil service structure, recruitment and training system in Poland.

The talk was followed by an open discussion session, hosted by Prof. Dr. Burmaa Natsag who raised interesting questions on the citizen centered public service.

The audience of UB Impulse-17 was greater than ever before which resulted some participants were actually had to stand out to attend in this event. The participants were over 150 people consisted of Professors and lectures of the Schools of NUM, the Research department of Parliament House of Mongolia, Academy of Management, the Mayor’s office of Ulaanbaatar city, Citizens’ Representatives Khural of Chingeltei district, Bayanzurkh district, University of Interior, University of Science and Technology, Etugen University, General Authority for State Registration, journalists, and the representatives from international organizations.

The audience of the event asked various questions especially on how Poland implemented the public administration reforms in early 1990’s.  Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Federczyks shared their experiences as civil servants witnessing the reforms in Poland.  Dr. Battulga Sukhee, Dean of SIRPA, NUM and Ms. Davaadulam Tsegmed of UNDP made the closing remarks.

At last, the SIRPA of NUM is very grateful to have Prof. Dr. Agata Kosieradzka-Federczyk and Prof. Dr. Wojciech Federczyk as our distinguished guest speakers. We wish them happiness and good health.

UB-Impulse-15, 16, 17 are sponsored by Towards a professional, citizen-centered civil service in Mongolia of UNDP. We are thankful for Ms. Davaadulam, Technical Manager of this project and her team members.

UB IMPULSE was initially created in 2013 by Dr. Dr. h.c. Stefan Hanselmann, formerly head of GIZ IMRI.

Department of Public Administration

School of International Relations and Public Administration National University of Mongolia

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