The U.S. Ambassador gave a virtual guest lecture to public administration students

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On April 15th, 2021, U.S. Ambassador to Mongolia Michael S. Klecheski gave a virtual guest lecture to the public administration students. This was Ambassador Klecheski’s second guest lecture to the SIRPA public administration students. The Ambassadors lecture focused on U.S. government and the state department and how they experience transitions. As the Ambassador provided an important insight and perspective of public administration in the U.S. based on his real-world life experiences, the lecture was very practical and informative.

After the lecture, Robert Tate and John Dwyer from Public Affairs Office gave some information to students about educational opportunities, programs, and scheduled activities from the U.S. embassy. Also, the Ambassador responded to questions from students about the significant achievements regarding the diplomatic relationship between two countries, U.S. programs to Mongolia and public administration in general. The Public Administration Department invited U.S. Ambassador Michael S. Klecheski for the third lecture in the near future to which the Ambassador graciously accepted. On behalf of Public Administration Department and SIRPA we sincerely appreciate U.S. Ambassador Michael S. Klecheski and the U.S. embassy representatives for taking the time to virtually meet with us.

Department of Public Administration

School of International Relations, Public Administration

National University of Mongolia

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